Sí, quiero… pero con un buen fotógrafo

Supongo que hay un concurso fotógrafico para todo: mascotas, drones, comida, patatas… lo que quieras. Así que, of course, debía existir (y existe) un certamen que premie las mejores imágenes nupciales del mundo (mundial). Por eso, hoy (aunque sólo sea por tener algo que celebrar), traigo a Phusions las instantáneas vencedoras del International Wedding Photographer of the Year (IWPOTY para los amigos).

Y, ¿qué te puedes encontrar entre los premiados? Pues creatividad, momentos íntimos (no, esos no), un poco de gamberrismo, paisajes (claro), mucho montaje, algo de espontaneidad, simpatía y emoción. Un mix que te llevará de paseo por la mirada de los novios, y por la de los fotógrafos que capturan ese momento tan especial.

Descubre todas las historias detrás de estas imágenes en la web del concurso (el IWPOTY, sí), y déjate seducir por un «sí, quiero» como es debido.

Por cierto, que esta es la ganadora del Gran Premio (Michael Jackson estaría orgulloso de ella – hoy estoy sembrado -)…

Y la finalista;

Getting creative! The overall runner-up in the awards was Antonio Crutchley, from Miami, who captured a couple sitting inside a car while pretending to read something exciting in a newspaper. The image was taken to celebrate their engagement and won the Non Wedding Day prize

Aquí todas las vencedoras del resto de categorías…

Husband and wife photographers Shari and Mike Vallely, from Canada, were awarded the winner of the 'From Above' category this year. They said: 'I knew I had to get this image! It was a unique perspective of [the newlyweds'] guests having an awesome time.' Guests can be seen taking a shot together while others enjoy a soup

Virginia Strobel and Evan Cikaluk, from Canada, took this spectacular shot at the Canadian Rockies. 'We took a helicopter to the location and spent the entire weekend hiking together before finding the perfect spot for the couple,' the wedding photographers explained during the competition

This year saw the addition of the Rising Ninja Star Award. Chosen from the Top 150 entries by awards sponsor Studio Ninja the winner was Croatian photographer Midhat Mulabdi¿ with the above stunning image, showing a loved-up couple sharing a sweet kiss in the middle of a lavish hall

This stunning image was taken by Brittany Diliberto in America. She said she wanted to capture all the emotion in the room, a 'snapshot in time showing every guest engaged and enthralled'. The wedding photographer snapped the picture at Ryan and Eric's marriage celebrations

Coralee Johnstone, from New Zealand, was the photographer behind this sassy image. The women are all dressed the part in similar daring outfits as they enjoy a glass of bubbly. The image was inspired by the Kardashians and even the mother of the bride was included. The fun shot won the Bridal Party prize

Taken by Keegan Cronin, from Australia, this snap was awarded top slot in the Single Capture category but the photographer said it was all about being in the right place at the right time. The married couple were keen to take a picture at the Newcastle ocean baths

A recently married couple stand in the middle of the dancefloor as their loved ones cheer and applaud their first dance. The groom is seen sweeping his bride off her feet during their romantic routine. The picture was taken by Carolina Mosquera in Belgium and made it into the top images for the Dance Floor category
A smartly dressed groom is thrown into the air by his beaming friends as they all rush to catch him when he falls back towards the ground. The incredible photograph was snapped by Candice Anderson in Canada for the Single Capture category and was selected by judges as one of the top images in that group
Get it out of here! A pigeon flies into a wedding reception and causes mayhem, with guests freaking out as the bird passes them, in this amusing photograph, taken by Paul Gapper in the UK. The surprising moment was sent into the competition for the Bridal Party award
One photograph captured by Wu Yuhung, shows a bride (pictured), dressed in an elegant white gown, resting on a wooden pier in Taiwan
This photograph showcases a wedding party standing on different balconies in America. The image was snapped by Eric West

Not a clue! Peter Van Der Lingen in the Netherlands captures this little boy waiting for the wedding to start. Dressed in an adorable suit while holding a lunchbox with a camera on the front, the youngster looks directly at the camera. The photograph was one of the top images in the Solo portraits prize
Let's get the party started! This energetic photograph was captured by Krzysztof Krawczyk in Poland and shows a bride pouring a drink down her groom's throat as he sits in the middle of the dance floor. Photographers from more than 60 countries entered the 2020 Awards
Wedding photographer Stephanie Kindermann, from Australia, created this incredible piece showing a couple holding hands in a vibrant blue corridor, while wearing matching dapper outfits. The image was submitted for the Couple Portraits category and selected by the judges as one of the top images
Atmosphere: Wedding photographers Shari and Mike Vallely snapped this emotional shot of a couple dancing in front of a waterfall in Canada
Family affair! Johnny Shryock, from America, snapped this family as they were getting ready for a loved one's wedding. The adult guests are all smiling, while the youngsters look less than impressed. The image was submitted for the Bridal Party award
Partying in style! Margo Ermolaeva captured these men having a great time while in Russia, with the groom drinking from a can as his friends pour more booze on him, while they all stand in a picturesque swimming pool
Wedding photographer Damien Milan in Australia, shot this magnificent picture showing a loved-up couple standing on rooftop while other stunning buildings line up the sky. It was submitted for the Epic Locations prize
Taking flight! This daring couple decided to have a wedding photo while lying on the wing of an aeroplane in Poland. The stunning image was captured by wedding photographer Krzysztof Krawczyk and was sent in to the competition for the From Above category
Keeping it cool: Newlyweds in Spain stand next to each other while outside a fruit and vegetable shop. The groom, looking smart, is seen in a black suit with a white shirt as he drinks from a Coca Cola can, while the bride stands with her back towards the camera. The image was taken by Carlos Alberto Peixoto Ferreira for the Couple Portraits award
A glamorous couple in Germany lie next to one another while on a wooden pier in their wedding dresses. The moving photograph was taken by Dirk Spoerer and made it to the top ten images in the From Above category
This photograph shows a couple during their first dance as fireworks light up the night sky above them
Another captures a couple affectionately holding one another when in Germany, pictured. The image was snapped by Kevin Kurek

Having all the fun! Wedding photographer Brittany Diliberto, from America, captured a bride, groom and their loved ones all partying in a swimming pool. The beaming bride even appears to still be wearing her glamorous wedding dress
A couple are seen standing still while in the crowded Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, New York, in this impressive photograph. The image was taken by American wedding photographer Sergey Lapkovsky
A youngster is seen making wild faces while standing topless at a wedding reception in an image taken by Scott Horsburgh in Australia
A couple stand under the stars in a romantic snap, captured by David Lichtag in Czech Republic

In love: Ronnie Hill, from Canada, captured this wedding party snap, showcasing a groom standing in front of his loved ones as they make a heart shape with their hands around him
Talk about vibrant! This colourful snap was taken in India by wedding photographer Divyam Mehrotra and shows the groom, bridie and their guests all lying on the floor while being covered in paint
Sealed with a kiss! Brittany Diliberto in America, snaps a couple sharing a sweet kiss on the dance floor while guests cheer and applaud them. The picture was submitted for the Dance Floor category and was selected by judges as one of the top images for that prize
Magical: Wedding photographer Gautam Agarwal, based in India, captured a couple embracing one another before their nuptials underneath the night sky. The picture was in the top images for the Engagement award
Loving it! Guests in Sweden form a heart, with the bride and groom standing at the top. The picture was taken in a beautiful garden and sent into the competition for From Above award
Daring! This adventure-loving couple decided to celebrate their wedding by skiing down a mountain in Austria. Catherine Ekkelboom-White captured the above shot and it was submitted for the Epic Locations prize
Risky! Daring newlyweds, dressed in all their finery, hold one another while standing on top of a mountain in Croatia. The International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards is open to photographers from across the world
Looking good: A coupe lie next to one another in a car park while dressed in their glamorous wedding outfits. The interesting snap was taken by Eric Ronald in Australia, and was one of the top images in the From Above category
Wedding photographer Pervez Taufiq, from America, captured this impressive picture of a couple standing in the middle of a cave, underneath the sunlight while surrounded by water. It was submitted for the Epic Locations award

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