El (fabuloso) mundo feminista de Libby Vander Ploeg (un mundo, que ya es un poco nuestro, también)

… vayan por delante dos cosas. En primer lugar, soy fan de Coctel Demente y de las mentes agitadas que lo forman. En segundo lugar,  Libby Vander Ploeg, que es la protagonista de esta entrada, ha llegado a mí a través, precisamente, de las páginas de ese magazine online que te recomiendo fervientemente. Dicho esto, todo el reconocimiento a este descubrimiento (el de esta fantástica artista), para ellos y, en especial, para Marta Rico.

Libby es la responsable del ya famoso gift Lift each other up. Me refiero a este:

reposting this oldie because these ladies have a special place in my heart 💚💜💛💙❤️ Created this gif a year ago for International Women’s Day and since then it’s traveled the world, made lots of new friends, and kind of magically brought people... 

La cosa es que, en un día en el que reivindicamos la igualdad y que entre todas y todos seamos capaces de construir un mundo mejor, justo, sano, pacífico y sostenible, los gifs de Libby son perfectos para ilustrar de qué va esto y darnos cuenta del poder que está en sus (nuestras) manos. Seas del género que seas.

Te recomiendo una visita a CóDe si quieres saber más sobre Vander Ploeg y descubrir todo lo que te ofrecen en su (co)labratorio. De momento aquí, y porque ya sabes que me encanta el arte digital, te dejo con una buena ración de sus GIFs reivindicativos. Disfruta y reflexiona…

We will not be quiet. Illustrated gif for Pollen Midwest

change is good. via saywerk.com

When we support equal opportunity for women from the day they’re born on into their golden years, we foster healthier, more peaceful, and more sustainable societies. ✌🏽✌🏻✌🏿 Less than 100 years ago, a group of strong-willed, persistent (see: nasty)...

Surround yourself with people and stories that inspire, strengthen, and elevate you. Here’s another gif I created for Netflix, who’ve built a mighty awesome hub for female-focused storytelling. I love the range of relationships their shows highlight–...

Hey, it’s #equalpay! Let’s close the wage gap already! Created this little gif for @lyft. 20% of ride proceeds today go to organizations that support women and families.

When we use our strengths to lift each other up, we all become stronger. I’ve experienced this firsthand, thanks to all the amazing women I’ve worked with and for throughout my life! And I’ve been happy to see more of these sorts of strong, healthy...

let your heart beat loud


Smile! It’s national voter registration day, and here’s a friendly reminder that we have an important job to do. The late Grace Lee Boggs–feminist, social activist, writer, community leader, and all-around inspiring woman– said “You can’t change...

shimmy shimmy shimmy if you’re with her

PSA of the day // It’s a fact (the real kind!): Women constitute over half the US population, but make up just a quarter of state legislatures. That’s just nuts because I know a kiloton of smart, creative, energetic, fearless women who I feel would...

Y, de regalo, unas cuantas más…

snow day style

holiday party prep

overcast overcoat

checking out for the weekend

having a moment

mhmm mhmm i’m listening
weeeeeeeekend ready

get it girl

mhmm mhmm i’m listeningbrush me

channeling the persistent optimism of spring

Probably safe to say it ain’t easy living in an animal shelter, but it’s even tougher without toys, treats, or a cozy bed to dream in at night. That’s why I’m doing some shopping today on the Best Friends Society’s NYC Amazon Wishlist. They’ve got...
If you work alone, I bet no one mentioned to you that yesterday was Employee Appreciation Day 😒 So happy belated employee appreciation day to all my self-employed friends who work alone! You’re skills are improving ✔️ you’re getting better at being...

look both ways // for racked.com http://www.racked.com/2016/10/26/13175722/shoplifting-teen-girl-middle-class-psychology
layer up
hello halloween

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