Pink Lady Awards: la fotografía de comida que deja en ridículo el #foodporn…

Noor Ahmed Gelal, of Bangladesh, won the overall prize of Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year and in the Food for Celebration category for Praying for Food, this simply stunning image of a Hindu congregation breaking their day-long fast in one of the local temples at Swamibag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They believe their fasting will redeem their sins

British photographer John Carey won the The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action prize for his picture, Calum in his pie room, which shows Calum Franklin, an executive head chef in his wonderful Pie Room at Holborn Dining Rooms in the Rosewood Hotel, London

Romanian youngster Stefan Dedu won in the 11-14 age category for his photo, Fresh Chicken Eggs, which have been laid by his family's hens

British photographer Guillaume Flandre won the Food for the Family prize. He said of the photo: 'This is the last time my father and grandfather cooked together in his apartment before my grandfather passed away. I captured this scene on Christmas Eve, a moment when, traditionally, the whole family would gather to share a meal'

American photographer Linda Taylor won the Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture award for this mouthwatering image of small pears from her own tree which were used to create a delicious brioche pastry dessert by a local baker

British youngster William Lindsay-Perez won in the 15-17 age category for his picture Finishing Touches, which shows a sprinkle of cocoa powder over a raspberry meringue with a white chocolate rocky road. He said: 'In this image, I wanted to combine rich colour and movement to create an image that looks as good as the dessert tasted'

Probal Rashid took this stunning image of a fisherman cooking on a fishing boat in Bhola, Bangladesh. The Bhola district is located in the southern part of Bangladesh, a country ranked as one of the world's most vulnerable to climate change. On the Bhola Island, fisher communities live in close proximity to the river where land is cheaper but this location makes them vulnerable to river bank erosion

Andy Grimshaw won the One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop for his stunningly detailed macro image of green beans, which look almost abstract

British photographer Jade Nina Sarkhel won the Food for Sale prize for her image Rex Bakery - a bakery that has bullet holes in the wall. The bakery churns out 18,000 paos a day, operating 24/7 and selling bread through the keyhole counter overnight. Bread is given for free to those who can’t afford it. Jade said: 'It’s places like this that knit communities together in India'

We'd like some of those! German photographer Oliver Hauser won the Production Paradise Food Off the Press prize for his image, Schnitzelberg, of the classic dish Wiener Schnitzel

Polish photographer Grzegorz Tomasz Karmas won the Politics of Food prize for this upsetting image of caged dogs reared for meat in Vietnam being sprayed with a hose. He said: 'The dogs are kept alive by being showered during transport to the slaughter houses. It is around 45 degrees out there'

Becci Hutchings won Student Photographer of the Year for her image, Honeycomb and Wax. She explained: 'Frames are placed into the bee hives to encourage bees to build honeycomb and fill with honey. Once filled, the frames are removed and the wax capping is scraped off using an uncapping fork. The honeycomb is then either broken off or the frames are placed into an extractor to withdraw the honey'

Indian photographer Debdatta Chakraborty won the Bring In The Harvest prize for her beautiful image, The Fishermen. She explained: 'Silabati is a perennial river, only getting inundated when water is released from the nearby dam, Medinipur, West Bengal. Villagers try their luck for their silver catch on one such occasion'

American photographer George Rose won in the Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year - Places  category for his devastating image of a vineyard flooding in Sonoma County, taken from a helicopter

British photographer Derek Snee won the Marks & Spencer Food Adventures prize for his picture, Tapas Upon Tyne, which was taken on a chilly winter's evening at Newcastle upon Tyne’s International Christmas Market, where an enthusiastic chef prepared warming Catalan tapas

Thierry Gaudillere won in the Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year - People category for his image, Worker at Maison Champy, Beaune, Burgundy. Champy is the oldest négociant of wines, founded in Beaune in 1726. It still produces wines in the very centre of the town

Guillaume Flandre also won in the Food in the Field category for the image, Sheeps in Dakar. He said: 'Thanks to a local, I was able to go behind the shops, where they keep animals that usually can't be seen from the outside'

Michael Meisen won the Pink Lady An Apple A Day prize for his picture, The Art Of Being An Apple, which shows a bouquet of Pink Lady apples

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